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Gas or Electric?

30 May 2021

Clean Oven, Clean Air.

This is a question that stretches further than just your oven or your hob. It even applies to your oven cleaning technique. As a professional oven cleaning service, our most standout piece of equipment is our dip tank. All of our vans are fitted with the highest quality, heated, insulated dip tanks, that gives us a serious advantage when it comes to getting your ovens beautifully fresh and clean.

So how do the dip tanks get hot and stay hot?

We are pleased to say that all of our oven cleaning tanks are heated using electricity. We are committed to trying to reduce our carbon footprint and gas heated tanks mean burning of propane or butane and therefore omitting carbon monoxide into the air. The gas burning system also means that the gas needs to be burned more frequently and carried on the van.

Our electric system is easy. We plug our tanks in – they heat up – and stay hot for the day. We even have a state of the art timing system set up at our base, which minimises electricity being used any more than is absolutely necessary.

So it’s a win win for electric oven cleaning every time!!!

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