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When is payment taken?

We only process your payment when we know that you are happy with the clean. This is done as soon as the clean is complete.

Is it safe to use the oven straight after the clean?

Yes. As we do not use any caustic cleaners in the oven, it is safe to use straight away.

Will the oven smoke after the clean?

Occasionally this can happen, but do not worry, it is nothing to be concerned about. As we do not use any chemicals in the interior of the oven, the only cause of this can be some non-toxic degreaser or small bits of carbon stuck on the element. Once the oven heats up this will not persist and it is perfectly safe to cook in if you have already put your dinner in there.

Is there an additional charge if I live in the congestion zone?

No! We are fully committed to making our fleet carbon neutral.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. All our staff are covered by full public liability insurance, which covers the appliances we work on, as well as anything in your home.